Hope, empowerment, and a sense of well-being can be battered by life events.  They can also be restored and increased.  Counseling offers the opportunity to think about and talk about your life, relationships, and problems in new ways. To find new solutions. To break non-productive patterns. To overcome communication obstacles. To create real and lasting change.

What are your goals and dreams?

Do you know what is keeping you from them?

What changes would you most like to see in your life?

With new ideas and new perspectives, with new ways of approaching

and solving problems, lives and relationships can experience radical change.

The Power of Ideas and New Perspectives


Even if it seems impossible right now, things can be different.   

There is Hope


I use a combination of powerful, proven, effective techniques.

My approach is strength based, non-blaming, and solution oriented.

Let me help you map out a plan for change.

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It is possible to move beyond sadness, frustration, and anger, to hope, change, and a sense of well-being. Many people who are deeply unhappy about their lives and relationships successfully create change in their lives. Even when they have trouble believing it is possible, they are able to create powerful changes and make good things happen in their lives. It sounds simplistic, but it is true. It can and does happen.

If things are really difficult in your life or relationship right now...

If you can’t imagine things getting better...

If there is a lot of tension and fighting...

or a lot of silence and sadness...

If you desperately miss the way things were...

My License and Credentials


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist,  

License #1804, MN Board Of Marriage & Family Therapy.

  Marriage and Family Therapists have training in marriage and family therapy in addition to training in individual therapy.  I work primarily with couples and individuals.

B.A. University of MN, Twin Cities, Psychology.

M.A. Adler Graduate School, Counseling & Psychotherapy.

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